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A Source for Spanish / English Books for Kids?

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Casa Kids with Dictionary

Does anyone know a great source for Spanish/English kids books?

The Spanish/English dictionaries and children’s books we brought to the Casa were a HUGE hit with the Caretaker’s kids, Marlon and Michelle, who studied them with the utmost diligence.  I lost count how many times we read “Un gato Y un Perro (A Cat and a Dog).”

It was fun and helpful for us “older kids” too as we spent evenings with the kids practicing Spanish and English together with illustrated dictionaries.

Word has gotten out about the books… it seems our Casa has more Spanish/English books than the local school (they have one dictionary to share for all the grades.)

After talking with the English teacher whom we really liked and seeing the enthusiasm from the kids about learning in general, we decided we will bring some
more books.  We can order from Amazon again, but if anyone knows of Gato y perroanother source that would be good for a slightly larger quantity of these types of books, let me know!  kellianschneider@gmail.com


One thought on “A Source for Spanish / English Books for Kids?

  1. Thank you to those who have offered to gift some books to the kids – they will be THRILLED! I will make sure they know you donated them. To make this simple, I made a wish-list on Amazon for anyone that would like to gift a book: http://amzn.com/w/WPARA63ONDIY Note that the dictionaries are marked as higher priority. Also, my office address should be one of the shipping options you get… please choose that (no weekend delivery). If I get the books before Dec. 22, they will go with me to Nicaragua for Christmas!

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