Our Nicaragua Casa

Located near Boquita Beach, Casares & Huehuete on the Pacific Ocean

Thank You for Letting us Share


Drawing of the FamilySo many folks have been asking what in the world we’re doing buying a casa in Nicaragua. Others are asking what Nicaragua is like, and everyone wants to see photos. The curiosity is understandable… we don’t actually know anyone else who has done this except the people we’ve met in Nicaragua who are doing the same thing. It’s encouraging to find people from around the world who are investing in Nicaragua too, so at least we’re not the only ones who think it’s a good idea.

We’re so grateful for the care and interest shown by friends in what we’re doing – so we decided to create this blog. We are just starting the project of light remodeling and redecorating the casa, and will post photos and updates regularly. We have fallen in love with the people and the area (and the organic shade-grown coffee!!!) and want to share our experiences with you.

The saying “they don’t even know what they don’t know,” definitely applies to us. It’s all very new and a bit complicated trying to learn another language and different laws, not to mention culture. So, I hope you will share any ideas or thoughts you have – we would love to hear them as we are approaching this project knowing that we have lots to learn.

Thank you for letting us share our lives and experiences with you!


2 thoughts on “Thank You for Letting us Share

  1. Hi Kelli, Your dad gave me the link to the house. Wow! It is beautiful and the land is breathtaking! I think it would be hard to leave. Keep posting pictures as updates are completed.

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